The Cuba Advocate

Year 63 of the Revolution

About The Cuba Advocate

The Cuba Advocate newsletter was first published in March 1991 as a joint effort of the Colorado Hands Off Cuba Coalition and the U.S.-Cuba Friendship Society of San Diego. Even though the format is now electronic rather than print, the original aim — to advance the cause of improved relations between the United States and Cuba — remains the same.

The Cuba Advocate has a public interest agenda. We advocate ending the U.S. economic blockade and travel ban against Cuba, restoring full diplomatic relations, and closing the Guantanamo naval base. We also urge an end to the unwelcome, U.S.-sponsored radio and video broadcasts directed at Cuba.

The Cuba Advocate believes that the people of Cuba have a right to sovereignty and self-determination; we believe that the U.S. economic blockade and travel ban against Cuba violates the rights of both Cubans and U.S. citizens; we believe that it is cruel, inhuman, immoral, illegal, un-American, and genocidal to prevent food and medicine from reaching people living in a sovereign nation which offers no threat to the United States; we also believe that it is inappropriate behavior by the U.S. Government to interfere with other nations’ trade and relations with Cuba.

The Cuba Advocate believes that the Cuban Revolution of 1959 represents the victory of the Cuban people over imperialist domination, the victory of human needs over private profit, the victory of the working class over the gambling and drug barons. Today, 60 years later, the Cuban Revolution exists to millions worldwide as a symbol of hope for the future of humankind.

It is in this same spirit that The Cuba Advocate celebrates the achievements of the Cuban Revolution.


You can follow “mediagonebad” on Twitter. As Trump tries to dismantle the undeniable gains made in US-Cuba relations,  let’s step up the fight and demand that Congress end the economic blockade once and for all.

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