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Year 60 of the Revolution

Goodbye El Jefe

Fidel Castro Ruz died November 25, 2016, in Havana at 90 years old. While often criticized in the Western media and in the Miami immigrant community for human rights violations against Cuba’s “dissidents,” he brought to Cuba and the world the idea that food, education, housing, and health care should be human rights. Like him or not, he set the table that future generations will dine from when they learn the destructive nature of capitalism and adopt these rights in their own nations. Without the Cuban Revolution of 1959, Cuba would still be a US colony, a gambling and prostitution playground for the rich.  Cuba today, in spite of a decades-long US economic blockade meant to isolate, disrupt, and starve people into submission to capitalism, and in spite of even greater hardship during the “special period” when Cuba’s main trading partner collapsed in the 1980s, the Cuban people have persevered, realizing that a return to capitalism would erase the gains made from the Revolution. Another, sometimes overlooked success of Fidel was his support for South African freedom from Apartheid and Cuba’s assistance to the ANC in the US/South Africa proxy war in Angola. And during the build-up to Gulf War I, Cuba often stood as the lone opponent to the war, correctly predicting the massive refugee crisis that war would cause. El Jefe has crossed over, but his revolutionary spirit lives on throughput the world.

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